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GDLOFT: Creating fine art in the age of mass production

No doubt about it: The creative class is booming, especially here in Philadelphia. Take a look at any and every available loft space in the city -- new artist studios are popping up in ... READ MORE

Marriage or Career… Or Actually, Yes, You Can Have Both

I’ll never forget the feeling of waking up the morning after my husband and I got engaged. The walls, the curtains, the dresser, my own hands; ... READ MORE

Fashion Designer Brings 'Wanderluxe' To Philly

Racks of delicately draped vivid silk and intricately beaded fabric line the wall at Naveda's showroom. What some may see as just a shirt or a dress is the culmination of hard work ... READ MORE

Meet Albert Lee, @urphillypal Instagrammer

South Kensington on a sunny Saturday morning: it’s quiet. Two men sit on their stoop and discuss sports under the watchful eye of their 8-week-old pitbull. Aside from them, there is no one ... READ MORE

Here's what the city's most stylish wore to PFW

Philly Fashion Week kicked off on Wednesday night with a streetwear show put together by none other than our own 76ers. Designers showcased their best looks on the runway, but it was ... READ MORE

Collaborative Cultures Cultivate the Cheesiest Concepts

In the years since they entered the market in 1992, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos have transcended simple snack-status to become an undeniable cultural phenomenon. They’ve served as ... READ MORE

Coachella and the Art of Crafting a Timeless Story

Twenty-five thousand people gathered to watch Pearl Jam play at Empire Polo Club in Indio, California on November 5, 1993. The show originated in protest: Pearl Jam refused ... READ MORE 

The One Part of Your Brand Immune to Trends

In a world where consumers are besieged by content, many brands feel like they must be a constant presence in the lives of potential customers if they want to succeed. Ad blockers, social ... READ MORE

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